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Features of a Reliable Managed Security Service Provider

Security is a major concern in cyberspace, especially among small and medium businesses. The possibility of cyber crime is endless, and all the means are not known to all. That is why cybersecurity is an investment more than a mere feature for any company. Your business needs a managed security service provider to fend off security threats.

Features of a managed security service provider determine how they value their customers. The more secure your network could be, the more they intend to keep you in their clients’ list. That is why a managed security service provider keeps on updating its technology. This is to use the latest innovation in cybersecurity.

A managed security service provider should have at least the following features:

Network Security
A managed security service provider invests on production. They ensure network security by investing in top-quality on-premise hardware. Managed security services provide the infrastructure for your system. Thus, they should have a secured on-premise data center that uses the best facilities. Managed network security services are also businesses. Thus, they need to provide an outstanding service in cybersecurity for business continuity.

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Security Functions
A managed security service provider should have the basic security functions. These include firewall, intrusion detection, and prevention. These can help keep security threats outside your system. Firewalls recognize all known threats and keep them outside your system. There are cases threats find their way into the system through its vulnerability. Yet, they won’t get through the daily monitoring of activities. This aims to detect and prevent any sign of intrusion or irregularities.

Managed security companies should have anti-virus and web content filtering. They should include them in their managed security services aside from security monitoring. Viruses can target your system vulnerability. Sometimes, they enter the system due to unfiltered web content. You can prevent this through your managed security service provider.

Social engineering can also lead to system penetration. This happens when users are not familiar with basic security guidelines. These include clicking links and downloading from the internet. That is why filtered web content can help secure your system. Regardless of the human capacity to navigate the net, your system will be safe. Your managed security service provider should use all these basic security functions.
Threat Intelligence
Threat Intelligence is an analysis of the system logs gathered through daily monitoring. Your IT support team records all these activity logs. Then, they merge them into an internal intelligence report. There are factors that build these intelligence reports into advanced means of monitoring. They are proprietary systems, databases, and algorithms. Threat Intelligence is one of the best offers of a managed security service provider.

A managed security service provider allows analysts to study the system data. This includes recorded daily logs of the network. Also, they analyze the scale of advanced threats. They focus on those that are persistent in entering the system. This analysis includes identifying trends among security events.

Identifying trends helps establish a pattern of attacks that you can soon prevent. They are the threats that use updated malicious codes that are dynamic and massive. An effective managed security service provider covers all malicious intent. They also include irregular behavior trying to infiltrate your system. This will ensure that your managed security service can protect you.

It’s not enough that your managed security service provider keeps your system safe. It is also important that they can respond fast during security incidents. A rapid response should include threat identification, containment, and remediation. They should become faster than usual. Rapid response mitigates the possible damages of a security attack on the system. This is possible with an efficient managed security service provider.
Automated Security Service
There are IT support teams that take charge of your system for a secured environment. Yet, a managed security service provider needs to use an automated security system. This is due to the possibility of human error. Less human intervention can keep the security measure efficient.

A managed security service provider offers expertise. Yet there are many customers with different systems to attend to. Thus, automation makes the process faster and more efficient.

Results-driven production needs precise IT solutions, especially with security. The service can adapt to different business models if security is automatic.

Automated security processes include management of security cases. It also includes data aggregation and intelligence reports for every client. An efficient managed security service provider automates its procedures. This is to ensure increased productivity, low costs, and quality service.

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