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One of its basic necessities in businesses now is a technological investment. There has to be a network that can keep the flow of production smooth and secured. This will ensure the quality of products and services that you offer to your customers. This is also the reason you need managed IT services for network security.

What is Managed IT services?

Managed IT services is your partner in keeping your day-to-day business concerns covered. An entrepreneur needs all technical concerns covered to manage a business. Managed IT support can help determine the issues that could affect production. It can help you resolve them right there and then. Managed IT services ensure that your business is free from technical glitches.

How can you save up when you avail of managed IT services? Here are some ways:


Managed IT services address your IT needs as your own IT department would. It covers all the technicalities that an IT department would take care of. The only difference is that you don’t need to hire them as permanent employees for your business. You will pay for the service that they render. That is the concept of outsourced IT services. You get the same service for fewer expenses.

Keeping your business on its top shape requires both technology and manpower. You need the people behind the technicalities to keep everything working as expected. That is why managed IT services are from your outsourced IT department. You don’t need a couple of IT personnel to do the job. Instead, you need an entire IT support team.

Managed IT service providers can offer managed IT services for less. It is less the cost of a typical in-house IT maintenance because of retail. A managed IT service provider covers several accounts that pay the same monthly rate. Thus, this distributes costing among clients. The distribution of cost lowers the price of a monthly service fee. You can skip paying for all the expenses your team and your business needs. Let the service provider cover everything for a minimal amount on a monthly basis.


In this aspect, how can managed IT services help you save up? You need an entire team of experts to manage your network. Thus, your expenses differ when they are in-house or outsourced. An in-house IT department demands at least the basic pay and privileges of a working employee. You need to provide all the law-mandated benefits as well as the training they need. All these are part of your operational expenses. You pay your employees on a regular basis.

When you have managed IT services, you don’t need to hire your IT support team. You need to pay a flat monthly fee that covers everything. The managed IT service provider takes care of the training and benefits of the IT personnel. They ensure that for the monthly rate of managed IT services, you will only get the best service from IT experts.


Your business usually needs on-site infrastructure. This will support the technological demands of a business network. Infrastructure is part of capital expenses. It requires an upfront investment on hardware, software, and the requisites of a network. This is the network that an in-house IT department would usually manage.

However, managed IT services changed how things are done. You are no longer required to produce an expensive and sensitive set of infrastructure just to put up a business network. The managed IT service provider takes care of that. Since managed IT services are their business, infrastructure is their investment to make. This will cater to all the infrastructure needs of their clients. There is no need to worry about maintenance, downtime, and technical issues that may arise. Your reliable managed IT services provider will be in charge.

What Is Network Security in Managed IT Services?

There are several managed IT services that your business needs. Managed IT services can be for network security, server management, vendor management, outsourced CIO, or end-user. Let’s focus on network security and what it can offer for your business.

Maintenance and monitoring

Managed IT services provide the management and monitoring that your business network needs. Since your IT service provider is reliable, you can leave all technicalities to them and focus more on your business. Growing your business demands full attention. Your expertise in that field is far more needed by your business. So, stop worrying about your IT issues and let managed IT services resolve them while you deal with your business concerns.

Supplement to Your Current Internal IT

If you have a current in-house IT department, managed IT services can help become efficient. Most IT departments are overloaded with work, and they need the assistance that managed IT services can provide. You don’t need to hire more people. You don’t need more experts whose professional fee might gobble up your budget. Let managed IT services deliver whatever your current IT department lacks, and complement the existing solutions within your company IT support team.


Security issues are the most pressing technical concern in business networks. Since businesses are constant targets of cybercrime, it is best that you have the top of the line security features. Managed IT services can provide the best security measures against threats from malware to data theft. They can work as an additional layer of protection on your current IT infrastructure.

Managed IT services ensure network security in several ways:

1. reviewing your organization’s needs and finding a solution that works best
2. keeping antivirus licenses and definitions up-to-date to protect your bottom line
3. keeping workstation bottlenecks at a minimum since the partner’s solution has a small footprint
4. stopping viruses from entering your organization’s infrastructure by locking down your network behind a Firewall
5. managing and monitoring your Firewall to ensure its most updated firmware
6. blocking inappropriate websites and content through content filtering

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