Is a Mobile App Right For Your Growing Company?

Mobile applications are transforming the way businesses interact with potential customers. Plenty of businesses have developed apps to facilitate better customer engagement. But the effectiveness of these apps for the business remains questionable. It is first necessary to evaluate whether the business actually needs a mobile app. Below are the things you need to consider:

1) The Mobile Application should solve an existing problem: Many companies spend a lot on mobile apps only to have them fall flat. A mobile application needs to be developed with a clear concept as to how it will deliver value to customers. The Mobile app should publish content in a way that saves the staff time and give customers a user-friendly way to complete critical tasks. If a mobile app isn’t able to solve such problems, it might be favorable to focus on a lesser expensive option like a mobile optimized site.

2) The App should assist in customer service: Mobile apps help businesses enhance their customer service experience. If you receive frequent calls from customers with similar questions about products or services that your business provides, a mobile app may be a right fit. An application that allows customers to find out more information about products and provides answers to FAQ’s can certainly be a great time-saver. Customer service apps allow customers to submit service requests, watch product videos, and chat with service representatives online. It is certainly a great idea to invest in an application that improves the customer experience.

3) The App should enable customers to access information: It is important to consider who your customers are and how they access information. If the majority of your customers rely on mobile devices for news, networking, developing an app could indeed be a smart step for your business. In that context, a mobile application development will truly create value for your intended audience. Another important area to consider is how mobile will change the way your customers engage with you. If you can create an app that solves a problem or offers a valuable feature, this increases the chances your audience will download your app and use it. When you have a tech savvy user base, investing in the mobile channel is a great choice.

Having a mobile web presence for your online business has become a need of the hour. A recent Google report indicates that smartphones have reached 56% of the US market, and 46% of these users have made a purchase on their mobile device.