Who Left Their Charger At Work Today?

This very unsuspecting phone charger is actually a Spy Device that was built to sniff out all the keystrokes off your wireless keyboard.  Yes this little tricky fake charger is known as a Key Sweeper and its whole purpose is to find out your private personal information like email, password, social security and credit card numbers.  Obviously the list can go on and on when put in the hands of a maleficent being.  Currently it can only be used on Microsoft Wireless keyboard that specifically use 2.4 ghz.

This charger lights up if you plug a usb device into it and it will charge whatever usb device you’ve plugged into it.  However, if you unplug the charger from the wall it is still capable of recording keystrokes.  That’s because inside of the wall unit is a rechargeable battery.  It will record every single keystroke on a memory card inside the charger or for a little extra money it will actually send alerted phrases via SMS or text messages to wherever in the world.

This sophisticated type of invention could be used to potentially cause high levels of chaos in this new age of technology so its best to properly educated yourself and be more aware of the situations, people and objects around you.  Keep that in mind next time you see a lonely charger or someone walking around with an old school pager