Rethink the Cloud: 4 Ways Cloud Computing Is Changing Business Today

The International Data Corporation just released a list of predictions that estimate where the cloud is going in 2015. At the top of their list, they stated that more than 90% of data that is transferred from devices over a network will be hosted via cloud services. Why is this number so high? It’s simply because the cloud services reduce the complexity of necessary support and offer a litany of cool new features – features that are changing the way companies of all sizes do business.

If you aren’t yet sold on cloud computing, here are 4 reasons why you should re-consider.

Low price point. Data growth has become a serious issue for many companies. Preparing for storage expansion is a top priority for any IT office head, and it can be a major undertaking for companies. Expenses range from planning and designing to equipment procurement, implementation, integration, and beyond.

Cloud services, on the other hand, give companies additional storage without the upfront cost of a project – all for one low monthly payment. Companies can host entire offices in a familiar environment and not be tied to capital expenditures for their server networks.

Variety of applications. From sales to finance, project management, data reporting, social media platforms for business, collaboration tools, mobile device management software, and beyond – there is an application out there to fit your business need. With cloud services, those new applications or services are even easier, install, implement, and launch company-wide.

Reduced risk. There is a risk that goes hand-in-hand with on-site data center expansion. It is fantastic when business is booming and you need more robust systems to carry-out operations, but what if your business hits a recession? All of the sudden, companies can find themselves caught between a high OpEx and low cash flow – which is a terrifying, uncomfortable situation for any business.

 With the scalability of the cloud, companies can easily scale up or down their storage needs. With cloud computing, companies pay for the storage that they need to use, avoiding the tight pinch of slowing business.

Accessibility and collaboration. With cloud services, your company can access business-critical applications and services from anywhere with a secure internet connection. This means supporting and enabling enhanced collaboration with remote employees just got that much easier. Having easily accessible platforms offers more insight and visibility into the operations of your business – especially cloud applications with built-in analytics and reporting structures.

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