Essential Tips to Help Protect Company Data

With so many unfortunate–and costly–data breaches making headlines today, it’s vital for businesses to safeguard their vital information with reliable security measures. By incorporating the following tips into your platform, you can better protect your company data for a more secure operation.

Create Secure Passwords

Be sure that you instruct your employees to create strong passwords. Security experts suggest that you “use an 8-12 character combination of capital and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Also, be sure every employee changes his or her password at least once every three months.” (1) Employees should also refrain from using personal names or birthdays in their passwords.

Use Security Controls

Businesses can adopt any number of security controls. For instance, a firewall is a good line of defense for your data. Moreover, investing in check-writing software will “cut operating costs, reduce operational risk, and improve customer service.” Remember that all devices that connect with your network must have security controls in place to reduce the risk for breach.

Invest in a Security Audit

If you’re not a security expert, you should hire one to perform an audit of your business’s security. An expert can locate the gaps in your security and provide you with effective solutions for shoring them up. If you don’t have an IT expert on staff that can advise you about maintaining strong levels of security, you need to hire a consultant who can provide you with this essential information.

Employee Training

Many security breaches occur because employees are lax about practicing security procedures each and every time. It’s important for companies to train their employees about respecting security measures and upholding them at all times. Make sure that you create excellent policies and procedures to govern your employees about how to deal with data. It’s a good idea to have a training workshop to review security procedures with both new and existing staff members. Make sure your employees understand that they are a vital aspect of your data protection plan.

Encrypt Data

If your data is stolen–and this is common given the wide array of devices used to access your network–you still have protection if your data is encrypted. Make a habit of encrypting all company data stored on everything from laptops to mobile phones.

Back up Your Company Data

If you routinely back up your data, you ensure that it will be there should a virus come along and wipe out your information. Many businesses are now using the cloud platform to store their data securely. In the event that your business suffers a natural disaster or a computer is stolen, you’ll still have that backup data to rely on.

If you consistently follow these tips, you can more effectively protect your valuable company data. Never take your security for granted. Even large companies have been caught off guard by data breaches. By following these tips, you can ensure the integrity of your data and protect the reputation of your business.
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