A First-hand Take on Why Microsoft Office 365 Is the Future of Business

As a recent convert of Microsoft Office 365, I wanted to take a moment and outline why I applaud my company’s decision to transition to this new cloud-based email platform. To put it lightly, it has transformed the way we do business (and yes, I would shout it from the rooftops if I had access to our office building roof).

To give a better understanding for why I love Microsoft Office 365 so much, I first have to take you on a journey to the past to understand what Clast Act, our client’s office was dealing with before. They were working in an environment that was filled with desktops, the only people that had access to mobile email solutions were the mobile managers. They were able to work from anywhere and everywhere and were the envy of every employee.  This was when we realized that their company was metaphorically duck taped to their desktops.

This is when the unthinkable happened.  A disaster had occurred when the sewage line in Class Act’s building decided to explode everywhere which rendered their office closed while the building manager took care of the dilemma.  Class Act was shutdown for a week, and things grinded to a stand-still since most of the office didn’t have access to the files they needed or the ability to communicate with one another other than through text messages on our personal cell phones.

No one had the ability to work from home, and our internal email server was giving us another fight to contend with. Emails were being delayed or lost, clients were unsatisfied, and our IT Director was ready to lose it from all of the complaints that were being registered. It was time for something new. And that’s when the glory that is Microsoft 365 came into our lives.

At first, Class Act and our deparmented astounded at the ability to now work from anywhere and everywhere, but to our great fortune, that was only the beginning. Do you know what kinds of awesome add-ons come with Office 365? We didn’t, but here’s a brief list:

  • Calendar Sharing – Instead of having an office full of people requesting to know my schedule to set up calls with clients, I now have only to accept calendar invitations. It has simplified our ability to set internal meetings, as well. I love this tool.
  • Documentation Collaboration – We avoid the rounds of edits that come with multiple file versions, the great task of combining feedback, as well as the frantic search for the final version at the end of it all. We can simply work from one file that tracks every change made, so versions are kept nice and neat.
  • Group Chat – Lync is our new instant messenger and group chat tool. We no longer have to rely on out-of-date programs like AOL Instant Messenger that lack security.
  • OneDrive – Our company can share files easier and faster than ever. With automatic syncing, collaboration has never been easier.
  • Share Point – We now have the ability to share work and organize projects and teams like never before. The managers in our department found this tool far simpler than the legacy systems we were using. We have the ability to upload new work applications in the blink of an eye, manage content, run dashboards for business intelligence, and more.


My friends, I have seen the future of email at work, and it is glorious. I urge you all to join me and my company and discover for yourselves what Microsoft Office 365 – particularly when combined with IBM servers – can do for your business.

Discover what Microsoft 365 can offer your business.